Since Tropicana Frutz is like no other soft drink, we treated it like a ​Boss; By a ​direct sampling activation ​program ​targeting only ​selective ​managers, directors and CEOs all over Egypt.


A group of research enthusiasts​ ​unleashing ​growth potential to ​their​ clients through actionable Living Research.​They used to be called Platform Group and were actually known with one of their companies: IRS. ​Awe​, is how we helped name it,​ grew to a collaborative team of more than 350 resources covering MENA region with 3 up and running offices in Egypt, UAE, and Tunisia.​This needed a new fresh story and positioning exercise followed by a dominant brand identity program as they expand into the region.


We wish you had seen Tabali before we rebranded them! ​Tabali had a greenish look and feel​ with an irrelevant identity in place​. They came in for ​a complete ​rebranding ​program, started off by creating a new brand story followed by a tailor-made identity system covering all touch points to include photography style and interior mood board.

HBZ​ U17​

Al Ain FC is a football club based in the ​Abu Dhabi, ​UAE​. ​Al Ain FC wanted to trigger a football tournament in the glorious football stadium Hazaa Bin Zayed for ​children ​under 1​7​ years old​ in an attempt to become gradually an international tournament like the champions league. This is where the story started to name the tournament HBZ U17, after the name of the stadium, with a bespoke branding system ​for all brand touch points.

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