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Mohamed Hisham

Brand Supervisor

Mohamed is a second mate officer graduated from the AAST, who majored in maritime transport; in which he learned time management and leadership.

Mohamed shifted his career due to his thirst for creativity and need to constantly challenge himself in order to keep growing and developing. Right after he achieved the MBA degree in major marketing, he started working at Selmedia Advertising Agency handling big accounts such as DURU, Evy Baby & Spinneys, where he gained a lot of experience, got out of his comfort zone and thrived on pushing his career further with unstoppable drive. Although this was a career move away from what he knew, it didn’t stop him but instead proved to be his chosen path for success.

Mohamed believes that commitment and practice makes perfect, with his eyes and mind set on ultimate success, there’s no stopping him.By moving to a branding agency Mohamed is diving head first into this new journey that enables him to put to use his passion for and belief in strategic planning and marketing, develop his skills and talents and pave a way for himself in this industry.

Zeina Gazzaz

Brand Executive

Zeina is a hotelier turned marketer. After achieving her Bachelor’s Degree from the Glion Institute for Higher Education in Switzerland in Hospitality with a specialty in Events Management, she found her calling interning in the Four Seasons at the First Residence in Cairo in the Sales and Marketing Department.
A true artist at heart, Zeina never seizes to use her vigorous creative thinking in building branding strategies. She is a calm and contended professional, working smoothly under pressure and is able to multitask due to her efficient time management skills. She has proved her branding capabilities working with names such as Mobil, Adrenalin, and El Lido.
Zeina believes in Picasso’s motto that “Action is the foundational key to all success,” and uses this maxim in her professional life.

Ahmed El Sheikh

Business Development Manager

Ahmed is a Renaissance man with extensive experience in brand management, marketing, advertising, and events management. This athlete has 10 years of experience working in Promoseven in Jeddah, Cairo and in Ghabbour Egypt.
Among his accomplishments is the successfully implemented popular Chevrolet line television commercials featuring superstars Ahmed Ezz and Shaaban Abdel Rehim, and the DaburVatika television commercials featuring superstars Ahmed Haroun and Heba El Sisi. He also managed several events including seven Automech motor shows, and three Marina Service Clinics over the summer. In KSA, he put together 3 main events for the National Commercial Bank in collaboration with CBC.
Ahmed believes in winning, and as a tennis champion for many years, he uses his sportsmanship and endurance to excel.

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