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Taimour Othman

Creative Leader, Partner

Taimour’s unique attitude & passion about design from advertising, to brand identity development and brief marketing, enables him to deliver compelling brands. BeingTrilingual with a fiercely creative mind, allowed Taimour to win a position in one of the region’s leading advertising agencies – Drive Dentsu upon his graduation, where he worked on multinational brands such as Daihatsu Automotive, Credit Agricole Bank, Orascom Telecom & Fairmont Hotels. His creativity has now become a major force of change at The Brand Bees. He’s on a quest to build a local brand that can be one of the Fortune 500.

Ali Waheed

Sr. Art Director

Ali is a professional graphic designer with a twelve-year track record of success in providing high-end graphic solutions for clients in Egypt.  From logos and posters to brochures and magazines, Ali enjoys the creative challenge, working directly with his clients and pushing himself to deliver high-end graphics that fit their criterion.

His history has included working at The Mess (clean advertising), The Paper, HMD (Hani Mahfouz Designs) and other agencies. He designed, produced and managed numerous projects under each agency and is a master with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator using a Macintosh platform, which is generally considered more precise and efficient with regards to design. His competence and deft skill shine through his creative work.

Yara Gaafar

Senior Brand Designer

Yara is a senior graphic designer who’s graduated from Applied Sciences and Arts at the German University in Cairo (GUC). During her last year in college, she decided to have her first part time job as a graphic designer In 2015. Soon afterwards, Yara started working for Delete Agency, and she designed the UX and the UI design for a mobile app “Instaglam” that won an award last year in Dubai. Instaglam is mainly offering several services such as “Makeup, Tailor made, Photography, hairstyle, Body care… etc, to facilitate people’s life. I’m passionate about design in a way to determine how things function, not just how they look. Design involves assembling the right people, asking and responding to questions, and iterating forms continuously. My work is driven by making a strong visual impact by combining various styles and techniques as a way to follow an idea and in clarifying the content of each project. Yara believes in how design thinking plays an enormous role in our lives, thus she refers to this quote before beginning any project “Empathy is at the heart of design.” she loves to read and travel because for her these are the most effective ways to to gain more experience in life.

Mariam Satour

Junior Art Director

Mariam graduated from The Faculty of Applied Arts, after receiving her BA in graphic design major, she started her career at the JWT Cairo office, summer interning and then she pursued her career in advertising for over 3 years, by that time she decided to take the branding path. She believes that a truly creative output comes from the fusion of two things: Handcrafting and Digital mediums, she loves sketching, embroidery, paper art, textile art and more. Her true passion lies in traveling, visiting new countries and experiencing different cultures, she believes that countries with good stories are like well-branded companies. She also finds her inspiration in movies, books and loves catching up with good TV series.

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